Our Beach Bungalow

We are a green tourism friendly business.  Please come and enjoy the spectacular city that is Seaside. 

Every room in the house has an amazing view of the water.

Visit our YouTube channels:

Java Reef coffee shop or Your Place Event Centers for video's of the bungalow and surrounding wildlife.

Enjoy playing like a kid again... 

Xbox, PlayStation, puzzles,  board games for inside days.

Kayak's, fishing, crabbing, surfing and skim boarding for outside days.



We started Wabi Sabi Gallery back in 2001 inside what is now the bungalow.   Wabi Sabi is most easily explained as an aesthetic.  It is seeing or appreciating the beauty in the imperfections of things.Those "imperfections" are what makes an item interesting or unique.  Those "imperfections" are what tells the story of that item.  

I can best describe Wabi Sabi anecdotally; We had just installed some hard wood flooring throughout our house and it was spectacular!!  Soon after, I was getting some canned corn out of the pantry and lost my grip.  The can dropped hard on the floor barely missing my toes and putting an inch wide and fairly deep dent in the wood.  At first, I was terribly upset, but then I realized that it was just Wabisabi.  I knew that every time I looked at that dent I would remember how I almost lost my toes to a can of corn.  I will remember what I made for dinner and how my day went on that day.  It was, and became, a memory installed...  Over the next 18 years we managed to put many dents in that hard wood flooring.  The dog scratches in the wood at the back door make me smile because even though those dogs are now gone.  I still see them sooo excited, ears flopping, tails wagging, happy impatient whines pushing shoulder to shoulder trying to be the first to get outside.  Today, I look around and see that it is full of memories that fill my heart with joy!!    This is Wabisabi.  

Wrinkles in a face is another good example.  Each one is a story, a year, or maybe even years!  It's a story of life, death, living, giving, tragedy and love.   Wrinkles bear the sign of wisdom and fate and our successes.  Not everyone is successful enough in life to bear them, so wear them like a badge! Display them with honor.  View them this way and you will see the beauty in them, the beauty in the imperfections.  This is Wabisabi.  

Wabi Sabi is a philosophical concept of Zen.  It is an ongoing thought process that requires a bit of transcending in thought and idea.  Instead of seeing that wrinkle on your forehead as negative the way you used to, maybe you now see it differently.  If you have lived long enough to achieve wrinkles then you are doing something right and beautiful.  It is your reward for your success.  

Look forward to more rewards with things like scars and gray hairs.  They make you unique, tell your story and are actually your brand.  They can only be attained by time, experience and age.  

Originally, the concept of Wabisabi started with a Japanese Tea drinking ceremony.  It is still practiced today and The bungalow is our Western interpretation of this concept and this ceremony.  Everything that we have designed and created at the bungalow, as artists, is about this aesthetic, this concept, this ceremony of practicing seeing the beauty... in the imperfection...   

In terms of wood and furniture... the more cracks, twists and burls... the better.  A fine natural patina that develops from decay or minerals leeching into the wood is just fantastic to us.  Anything that makes it unique.  As artists, our best pieces are wood that we find bonfire burnt on the beach.  The combination of salt and fire makes for fantastically hard and unique looking wood which creates amazing furniture and art. 

This is what our art aesthetic is based on and this is what we build with.  This is what you will find at the bungalow both outside and inside.  All hand made, all unique and all one of a kind.  We are always adding to our 3D canvas as well, so things around here often change.   However, we are not of modern and not of new here at the bungalow. We are of simple and of organic.  We believe in utilizing something to it's end.  If one use for something no longer functions, can there then be another?  After all... it's earned it's wrinkles...

Not all will see beauty in Wabisabi and some might even be put off, but we give everyone freedom of their own growth and take no offense either... 

The bungalow is designed for romance.  It is a perfect get-a-way for two

Beach Bungalow is 1000 square feet of natural beauty and organic design.  This is a private area with no neighbors, in fact, this would not be your normal neighborhood vacation rental house as we sit on commercial property.  Therefore,  there is no house on any sides.  We sit all by ourselves on the estuary (ocean inlet) and are next to the wildlife viewing park (Bird sanctuary) as our neighbor.  Even though we are close to the road all our walls are double insulated for sound and the speed limit is now only 35-40 mph so traffic is slow and the term highway does us an injustice.   We are the first property in Seaside coming from the North and we sit all alone on the water (West) side.  You see the ocean, the little inlet and our little bungalow awaits you right there!  That's why there are those amazing sunset photo's on the home page and why the Wildlife viewing is so spectacular here.   

So even though Beach Bungalow sits in the middle of everything we have complete privacy and in fact most locals have no idea we are even there.  We are known locally for our coffee drive thru which is now closed.    

Our vacation rental is unique in location for sure and that is just the beginning of it.  We utilize wood found in local forests and found on the Seaside beaches.  We tweak our treasured finds just enough to fit our natural style of art and we aspire to create open spaces along the Wabi Sabi style of aesthetic. 

Simply stated, Wabi Sabi defines as seeing the beauty in the imperfections of things.  When you stay at the bungalow you can't help but reconnect with nature both inside and out.  Or, hopefully, stop and take a peek into it.  We like to practice in something called forest bathing and have come to understand, after living here the last three years that the rhythm of the cars moving by here in the morning, oddly enough sounds just like the surf sounds as it crashes up on the beach at night.  They are so very similar in sound, rhythm, and sometimes even vibration that it became very clear it was all connected. 

Therefore, it wasn't hard to come to the conclusion that the remodel should feel even more like we were both inside and out at the same time.  So we went for it, we installed two huge sliding doors side by side on the West side.  I always loved this about Mexico, that you could open up an entire wall and be open to the outside.   No holds barred, we had some fun!!  We are not done yet, in fact we are just beginning...  We will be back in the Fall with our Winter plans... 

ONSITE MANAGERS:  Sometimes the managers are onsite in the RV North lot.  During the hot weather months or during times of maintenance and upkeep managers stay on the property in order to preform their duties.  At other times they may just come to the property to do some work.  When they stay onsite, they have their own private area and space as well as their own yard area.  However, they may enter the back yard in order to water, mow or create.  You will be notified prior to anyone entering your private area, but the backyard is shared while it is under construction and during planting season.  

Q: Will you be closing again for construction during off season or can we rent the bungalow for Christmas?

A: We will block time off the calendar for any construction projects from here on out.  In other words, it will appear as if the bungalow is simply rented and not available but we will no longer close up for an entire season or year(s) at a time or we will schedule projects during the times we are onsite managers.   

Q: Will you be adding a hot tub?

​A: Yes, when is another issue.  We hoped for this Winter but the storms have caused havoc on the roof tiles and this must be addressed first.  

UPDATE:  9/12/2018  We are currently seeking the funding for placing the hot tub in building by the fire pit that has the ocean view.  We are also implementing placing Little Bungalow's in the North lot.  Eventually the back yard, fire pit, hot tub gazebo, and built in BBQ area will be a shared space.  The Bungalow deck will still be private and the Little Bungalows will have their own decks and private spaces.   

​Q: What do you mean by Green tourism friendly...

​A:  The city and state recognize 'Green tourism' as the revenue generated by the medical and recreational sale of marijuana.  Since marijuana is legal in our city and state we allow the use of it at our bungalow. (outside on the deck(s) or yard only as there is no smoking inside the bungalow)  

Q:  I've heard you are looking for money to build your tiny homes.  Are you interested in taking on partners?

A:  We are interested in refinancing our property and using equity to build our tiny homes .  We are not looking for partners but are looking for private or public funding in which to do so. 

Q:  We saw you are for sale.  We have our (name deleted) family vacation every year on (date deleted).  Is this true?  Can we still rent next year?  

A:  Yes, we are for sale unless we can find refinance funding.  However, the Vacation Rental/Motel is included in the sale so you can rest assured that The Bungalow will be there for you next summer.  

For all our future guests we welcome you and hope, hope, hope that your stay at the bungalow is as lovely, breath taking, peace making, awe inspiring as our last years here have been putting it all together.  We pledge not only to hope for that but take an active measure in guaranteeing it! 

If you take care of our bungalow and we invite you back you will always receive our preferred guests return discount.    

"Peace and Hugs"


We have a King size bed NESTLED into three walls that lends itself to hibernation.  It is very tempting to just stay in bed and rest for much of your stay with us.  Those negative ions coming off the ocean help even the restless unwind.  In this bed, you have to crawl onto it from the foot so if you are uncertain as to whether it is for you, please see the photo's and/or video tour. 

You can call it a 1 bedroom, but it is more unique than.  With our Wabi Sabi style we have set up our bed in a quaint and comforting way that calls for a snuggle in and with the double insulated walls, noise from the road is usually not a problem.  In fact, unless an emergency vehicle goes by the road noise is more like white noise.  You notice it when it stops.  At night, the surf seems even louder yet.  The pit has a leather Euro couch that folds back into a comfortable queen/full bed so we actually sleep 3 but really are set up for a romantic get-a-way for two.    


Even though we are only 1000 sq ft we are designed for entertaining and set up with much open space.  We began as an event center... Our bungalow functions like a tiny home in the sense that we have gotten pretty creative with space.  The kitchen is great for catering so the bungalow can still be rented for baking and cooking projects.  We used to offer weddings in the bungalow and I have seen at least a dozen people cozy up in the kitchen comfortably.   We put the fridge inside the wall and chose not to place upper cabinets, instead installing Maple shelves for a more open feeling.  Travertine tile surrounds the kitchen and the stained concrete counter tops have Travertine inlay for bull nose.  This all is trimmed out with and sits on top of 500 year old maple that came down in the 2007 storm.  The trim fronts on the face of the 6 tier shelves was rescued from a beach bonfire and is the remarkably beautiful Denim pine. 

Our kitchen offers, 5 ovens a conventional oven large enough to cook a large turkey in, a pizza oven, a microwave oven, a rotisserie oven and a toaster oven all for your baking desires.  If you love to cook then this bungalow has it all.  Also in the kitchen is a dishwasher, two fridges (conventional and concierge) a bread maker, coffee makers, juice makers, rice cookers and so much more.  We have everything necessary for in house baking, cooking and entertaining.   


The family room is affectionately called "the pit"... years ago it was a sunken area with aggregate flooring and  previous renters might remember it this way.  Today, it has been lifted, tiled and carpeted and like all our other rooms, doubly insulated for quiet and cozy comfort.  This is where the entertainment area is.  The 3" thick top and middle counters are made from Alder tree's downed naturally.  The bottom shelf is puzzle pieced clear Cedar and puzzle pieced Redwood as a toe kick both of which were rescued from day after beach bonfires.  The library is 500 year old maple that fell in the 2005-06 storm in which we found a large limb of the maple tree was rotten inside so we cleaned in out, made the library end with it and it is fabulous!  All the wall, window and floor trim was made by hand from wood found on the beach.  There is a wood stove in the pit to keep the bungalow fuzzy warm and there is a cozy feeling with new leather furniture to relax in, plenty of electronic and board games to play, and a view to take your breath away.  We offer free Wifi, Netflix, HBO, SHO and MAX channels for your pleasure and convenience.   


Most of the furniture in the bungalow was hand made and upholstered by us.  We have built our own cabinets, furniture, trim and functional art to fit our aesthetic.  In our bathroom we have a hand made cabinet/counter and matching window trim made from Honduran Wormwood Mahogany and Redwood Burl both found up at the cove in Seaside.  The counter top is Tiger's Eye granite from Brazil and the sink is Travertine stone.  The built in cabinets are made from 500 year old Maple and the Rain Forest Brown Marble tops come from India.  The shower is made from Tumbled Travertine and has a feel like you are stepping into a rock cave.  Good luck inside where there are hundreds of natural faces, animals and scenes that preoccupy you from actually showering.  Once you do get it done step out onto heated Travertine tile floors that are set to a cozy 80 degrees in the Winter.  

We have a washer and dryer onsite next to a built in, hand made Chiffonnier (a tall chest of drawers and closet) that we are still working on.


There are two decks at the bungalow.  One is shady covered and one is not.  Both sit by the water and are great for viewing the wildlife and happy vacationers in the water.  One is for shade... the other for sun...  The open deck is off the dining or sitting area and is about 8' x 10'.  This deck has a large sliding glass door which opens up the bungalow and this is where the hot tub (next season) will be installed.  Great for tanning, relaxing or you can even throw a fishing line in from this deck.  The shade covered deck is 18' x 21' and sits next to the yard and also has a large sliding glass door that opens out onto it.  In the summer with both deck doors open if feels like you are living in a more tropical area like Mexico where you can pretty much open up a wall to the outside... this is the same.  We have an open BBQ/campfire pit in the backyard and a gas BBQ on the covered deck.  Almost all of the sunset pictures seen on the home page are taken from the back deck one or two are at the Ocean itself. 


There is plenty of off street parking available and that includes a few additional for visiting guests while you are here.  No worries about finding a parking space close enough to the house to unload your belongings for you or your guests.