(3) Eligibility Requirements 

Please Note:  If you have booked through and intermediary like Airbnb or TripAdvisor the following is still required to rent Beach Bungalow. The only difference is you have already paid your rent, deposit and cleaning fee.  A credit card is still required along with your picture identification and signing/agreeing to our rental agreement.     

1.  You must be 21 years of age to rent.  

2.  You will need to agree to the terms of our rental agreement by signing it upon arrival.  You can view the agreement below.  

3.  You will need to show your identification and place a credit card on file with us.  

Beach Bungalow Rental Agreement

This is a Non-Smoking building. Smoking is allowed outside on the deck(s) or in the back yard area.  Please discard butts and joints properly.

No pets are allowed in the building, on the decks or in the back yard.

Renter:  Renter is the person signing this lease and renting the facility.  They are responsible for all damages, theft, additional charges, or injuries that might occur to themselves or members of their party during the period in which they have contracted to rent the facility.  The renter must be 21 years of age.  

Deposit:$270 is required to hold your reservation.  $70 is non-refundable and is a cleaning fee.  $200 is held in lieu of damage and is NOT your rent.  It is refundable within 7 business days after the end of your last day at the bungalow provided the following:

1.  You did not cancel your reservation, no show, or were evicted.  

2.  No damage, theft, or loss has occurred to the bungalow, bungalow contents and bungalow property.  

3.  No additional charges are incurred.  The concierge fridge items are not complimentary.  Items used from this fridge will incur a charge for payment of the product.  Any items not in the concierge fridge are house complimentary and for your inclusive use. 

Please don't Order Pay Per Views they create a real mess for us.  Thanks and please enjoy the free HBO, SHO and MAX  Movies channels. 

4.  Merchant fees to accept your credit card will reflect in any deposit refunds.  

5.  Check out is 11:00 AM.  Late check out fee is $50 per hour.  Please don't check out late.  There is likely another guest waiting to check in at 3pm and it takes some time to do a proper clean of the bungalow.  We wash and dry everything so we need to keep to a schedule.  Thanks!

Payment: Payment in the form of rent is required to book your dates.  Return check fee = $55.  Credit card fee = 3% 

Tax:A lodging tax fee of 11.8% is applied to your rent and collected on behalf of the City of Seaside at 10% and the State of Oregon at 1.8%.  

Cancellations:Merchant fee's to accept your credit card will reflect in any refunds.  30 days notice is required for cancellation of your reservation without penalty against your deposit and or rent.  See our cancellation policy for details.  

Occupancy:The maximum number of people allowed in the bungalow is 10.  Maximum overnight occupancy is 3.  Tents and RV's are by reservation only and require pre-approval.  Additional fees apply.  The number of vehicles allowed on the property is 3.  Any more than that must be reserved and pre-approved by management.  

Inclusive Fee's:Your rent will include many free amenities.  Ordering Pay-per-views is not one of them. 

HBO, Showtime, Cinemax and Wifi are all inclusive.  Anything that says "buy" OR "upgrade" will incur a fee against your deposit plus an administrative fee of $15 per order.  Pre-approval and prior payment of any sports Pay-per-views is required 30 days in advance of your rental date.  

Falsified Reservations:  Reservations obtained under false pretenses will be subject to forfeiture or rent and deposit and immediate eviction or No Occupancy will be allowed.  

Bad Weather policy:  Sorry but no refunds are given for poor weather conditions.  

Compliance with the law:  The renter and their party shall be in compliance with all Federal, State and City laws while contracting the use of the bungalow and premises.  

Assumption of Risk and Liability:The renter assumes all risks and liabilities arising out of the use of the premises including but not limited to injuries to persons visiting the renter at the premises or persons accompanying the renter during the rental period.  This includes any damage as well.  

Excessive Damage: If damage occurs in excess of the damage deposit collected (regardless of whom in the renters party is responsible for the damage) renter agrees to pay for said damage and seek any personal compensation including legal fees without the involvement of Chicon Inc. (Beach Bungalow)  

Kayak Release of Liability: The renter releases, discharges, waives, disclaims, and relinquishes all claims, actions or cause of action against Chicon Inc., its officers, employees, or agents and agrees to the release of all liability on account of or in conjunction with any claims, causes of action, injuries, death, damage, loss of personal property or replacement cost of expenses arising out of the activities of the use of the kayaks. MUST BE 16 YEARS OF AGE TO KAYAK ALONE.  300LB WEIGHT LIMIT.   

Hold Harmless:  Renter by return email, acknowledgment of contract and agreement of the conditions held here within hereby agrees to the terms and conditions and agrees to indemnify and shall defend, save and hold Chicon Inc,. (Beach Bungalow), its officers, partners,  employees, or representatives harmless from any and all injuries, damages, or liability arising out of the rental of the facility located at 2674 N Roosevelt Drive, Seaside, Oregon.  The obligation to Defend, Save, and Hold Harmless is a material term of this agreement and includes the obligation to save and hold the above said harmless for all costs of litigation including attorney fees, trail costs and fees, and cost of any appeal or further legal actions.  In the event that a lawsuit or claim should occur, exclusive venue for any such claim shall be in Clatsop County Circuit Court, State of Oregon.