Bungalow Rates


Location:2674 N Roosevelt Drive Seaside, Oregon 

Rental Agreement:  All guest(s) who stay with us are required to sign a rental agreement that indemnifies us, our company and our representatives of any responsibilities from injury or damage.  Because we are on a river and give you kayaks with your rent this is a requirement for us.  Plus, you must agree to cover all damages and or injuries that you or anyone you bring onto the property might cause.  If you do not agree to sign a rental agreement with us then we will not rent with you. 

We simply do not operate any other way even if you have booked through an advertising intermediary such as Airbnb or Tripadvisor.

Thank you so much for understanding.

Please see our eligibility page for further information. 



*  Two kayak's, water vest's, and paddles.

*  Crabbing, clamming, and some fishing gear. 

     (Licenses not included)

* Various boogie and or skim boards.

​*Xbox, PlayStation, games, puzzles



Payment in the form of rent is required 14 days after reserving your dates.  

SUMMER RATES (May 16-Oct 14)

Daily: $155  

$200 refundable damage deposit

$70 non-refundable cleaning fee

3 night minimum stay 

Weekly: $945, 10% savings

$200 refundable damage deposit

$70 non-refundable cleaning fee​

7 nights

Monthly:   $3375, 15% savings

$500 refundable damage deposit

$140 non-refundable cleaning fee

(we pay living wages to our cleaners)

30 nights

WINTER RATES (Oct 15 - May 15)

​Daily: $150

​$200 refundable damage deposit 

$70 non-refundable cleaning fee 

​2 night minimum stay

Weekly:​  $831, 15% savings

$200 refundable damage deposit

$70 cleaning fee

​7 nights 

​Monthly: $2812, 25% savings

$500 Refundable damage deposit

​$140 non refundable cleaning fee

​30 nights



Stay with us one time and never again will you pay the regular rate.  All returning customers receive the following discounts.  Depending on your rental date they are as follows:

1st Return

Dec - Feb  15% Discount

Mar - Aug  5% Discount

Sep - Nov  10%  Discount

2nd Return

Dec - Feb   20% Discount

Mar - Aug   10% Discount 

Sep - Nov   15% Discount 

3rd Return

Dec - Feb    25%  Discount

Mar - Aug    15% Discount 

Sep - Nov    20% Discount 

Each continued visit will discount your rate by 5% up to 65% off the regular rates.  

* Discount rates apply to daily rates only and do not apply to your cleaning fee, damage deposit or taxes.  If you stay for 7 days or more you automatically get 10% off your rate no matter what time of the year.  Only one discount may be used at a time.  

Guests who leave damage to the bungalow, do not follow occupancy rules, are evicted or leave without following check-out protocol may not be invited back and therefor forfeit any discounted return rates.

Call us:  

503-298-9787  Shauna

503-338-9415  Gary


Please review our cancellation policy before making a reservation.

​PTRD = Prior to reservation date

30 days PTRD:    100% rent, 100% deposit

20 days PTRD:    100%rent,  75% deposit

14 days PTRD:    100% rent,  50% deposit

10 days  PTRD:    100% rent,   25% deposit

 7  days  PTRD:    100% rent,    0% deposit

<7 days  PTRD:     50% rent,    0% deposit

<3 days PTRD:        0% rent,    0% deposit

​We accept Paypal, cash, credit or debit.