This is when things get really exciting around here!  Now the storm fans are here waiting and hoping for a big one.  Sitting at the edge of the world does lend itself to some amazing storms.  Those storms coming off the water and meeting land for the first time isn't always amicable and the outcome is usually impressive.  Especially if you head to the South Jetty in Warrenton just 6 miles North and view them from the tower!  Whew!  Sometimes it's all you can do to stand upright.  Another must experience but if you don't want to get wet then stay home at the bungalow and view it all from our West wall which is almost all glass.  Two large sliders face the water so even when you are watching TV you can still see the view of the water and the amazing storms.  And, just in case you didn't feel "In It" enough we have placed two huge skylights above your head in the pit area so now you 'feel' the presence here but still sit toasty and warm inside.  

In January and February,  Seaside hosts the pacific basketball tournaments so it gets busy again.  The Sweet Affair for chocolate lovers and The Capella and Jazz festivals are also going on.  February is also the beginning of the bridal season and Valentines Day get a ways are soooo romantic.


Summer is just crazy in Seaside.  Every week there is some big event going on and of course there is usually the very best of weather 70 - 80's F and destination weddings are in full swing.  It is bumper to bumper traffic and the ambiance of the city is that of what Seaside really is, a fantastic resort town!  We have everything going on and so much that you can't do it all.  The Ham radio convention and the muscle car show start off the season and the Miss Oregon pageant happens in June as well. 

We book up early for the summer season so don't wait and call ahead to book your dates.  

Summer in Seaside hosts the kite festival, and they are all up and down the coast as well.   The Fourth of July with huge fire works and a grand parade is always crowded and fun!  We also have the Volleyball tournament broadcasted on tv, the pageants and dance competitions are still going strong and the Gem and Mineral show is in August along with the Hood to Coast which is world wide famous.  

Did I mention the BEACH is here too!  Ya, we got that too and our beaches are a very nice place to just be...  hang there all day if you want... do... nothing...  This is when the smile always creeps up on my face.  In case you love doing "nothing" the bungalow works well for that too.                  Happy Seasons!

No matter if you come for the Summer sun, the Spring fun, the Fall run, or with your Winter hun... there is always something to do in Seaside.  



This time of year is so beautiful!  We generally have really good weather still (70's into October), and the kids have gone back to school so traffic is not so hectic.  We see a lot of retired people and other adults who's children are grown.  It is really the best time to stay in Seaside because the weather is still good, fishing is great, and there is so much less traffic to contend with.  

In September there are car shows, art walks, and the monthly beach treasure clean up.  Get ready for the bridge tourney's in October and the square dance competition too.  November is busy with the Fall wine walk, Thanksgiving at the Beach, the Holiday gift fair and the parade of lights.  This is when the storms start surging and there is an entirely different type of vacationer emerging.  "The storm watchers"

The Bungalow sits right on the water inlet from the ocean so we have no protection from the elements coming off the ocean.  This makes for some really, really good Winter days!  Just sitting and watching the wind dance across the water to music is something special and having the wood stove keeping you warm and cozy while the windows are pummeled with gallons of water is a must experience.  

Types of wood that can be found on Oregon coast beaches and are in our bungalow and yard are :

Honduran Mahogany & Wormwood Santos Mahogany

Purpleheart, Rosewood & Redheart

Several species of Cedar and Redwood

Sweetgum, Black & Wild Cherry & Sassafras

Black Walnut, Fir, Maple, White & black Oak, Alder & Spruce

Brazilian Rosewood, Peruvian Walnut, & Yellowheart

Blue Denim Pine, Birch, English Walnut & Teak

African Padauk & Australian Cypress

We also have species of wood so exotic that we have yet to identify them. 

We decorate the bungalow with our own art pieces.  Many of these pieces can be purchased from our Etsy store "Alive in Oregon".  


What's so amazing about this place besides its location, location, location is its history and its views.  Our sunsets are so amazing and vibrant that one just can't get enough.  Every night of every season is just so spectacular!

Every picture that we have displayed here has been taken on the property, most from the back deck, or kayaking just off the property.  The wildlife here is spectacular and many of our vacation/event rentals are professional photographers and artists.  We have the Gearhart Elk featured on television, a bird sanctuary next door that has Bald Eagles and fledglings.  We have an array of water fowl (we counted 12 different species in one glance out over the water), deer, otters, Sea Lions and fish jumping just to say hello.  It is never boring and being able to just jump in the kayak and go out fishing or just enjoying the water is what has taken us so long to complete our remodel. 

(too many days goofing off in the water)
As far as the history of this land it is pretty remarkable.  This land has rich Native American ties.  This is the area where Lewis and Clark traded fish hooks for a kayak ride to the ocean mouth just feet from our back door.  It is noted especially in Clark's journals.  One just has to drive by it to recognize the spiritual wealth that is here and once a year the native and original land owners come back for prayer, meditation's and blessings, camping next door.  The view from off our back deck it the poster child view for the United States scenic byway program and stands as the goal for highway views along this great nation.  It is also the view used for the Seaside Event Calendar.  We have been featured in Coastal Living and have people stopping from morning till night to just take in all the beauty.  


This is the rainy season at the beach but it does not stop the activities.  Oregonians never let rain get in their way and neither should you.  This is the best time to hike the mountains around here and we have some really great trails, bike paths and beach to take up your time.  This is the best time to be outside because if it is raining it won't be soon.  The weather in Spring is always a fast pace change between great sunshine one minute and rain the next.  

So much starts this time of year starting with Spring break!!!!  We are a happening and crazy place this time of year and people come from all over.  

March is for the beer lovers out there and more Bridge tournaments are happening in April.  This is when the Spring wine walk happens and for those Seafood and Wine lovers Astoria (12 miles), has the very popular Crab and Seafood festival going on at the fairgrounds in May.  You can still get great rates everywhere and the weather is guaranteed to be rainy and sunny!!

I have lived here for 24 years and my husband for 32.  We have raised our kids here and this is a wonderful place to do so.  People are kind to each other, they wave hello and try to support one another.  I feel that crime is low here, even though we live in a resort town, I don't worry about my grand-kids playing outside and I feel safe here.  

The schools here are amazing!  Seaside and Gearhart are adjacent towns.  The bungalow is actually the last property in Seaside.  The town line is our property line.  Gearhart being mainly of second homes, has more millionaires per capita than any other city in the USA.  All those second homes still pay taxes so our kids are privileged.  We have art, music, drama and dance in abundance around here and all that culture flows into the community.  We live small town lives but enjoy the perks of a resort town atmosphere.

Shopping:  We are full of art and antique galleries, artisan shops, and the outlet mall is only 12 blocks away from the bungalow and downtown is 26 blocks or two lights to the South. 

Fred Meyer, Safeway, Costco and Walmart are the major food stores.

We have the beach here too... nuff said right?  Swim, kayak or canoe all over, we have many divergent rivers all connecting to the Ocean of course and we are at the ocean inlet estuary with easy paddle access to two rivers. 

Surf, sun, and run the beaches all you want.  

For the sand-grinches we have the coast range mountains just 10 minutes away.  Camp, fish, hunt or just hike all over the area.  We have lots of BLM land just minutes away and ready for free exploration.  To the North is Astoria, the oldest settlement in the West, and Goonie's fans still come today. 
To the South is Tillamook county with beaches and hikers everywhere.  And if you like Beef?  Well Tillamook is cow country and it's not all raised for milk, ice cream and cheese!

Even after all these years, I still trek out to Cape Mears regularly to collect agates of which you will see bottles full in the bungalow.  Further South yet is Lincoln City (3 hours) where the casinos are at and just a little bit farther south is the Hatfield Marine Science Center (a must stop for Ocean and Free Willy lovers).  

Food:  Well, this is a tourist town and we have some of the finest.  If you like Seafood we have plenty of restaurants to test, or buy some at the fish markets and cook in the bungalows sweet kitchen, or catch it yourself and BBQ out on the deck over the water.  And for soup lovers you can't compare the chowder here.  It's just good!!!  If you are looking to go where the locals go then hit the small bars.  They always have good food, great atmosphere and are a fun place to meet locals and tourists.